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Out of Milliways: Beauford Visits

Gotham Public Library is a sterling example of the art deco style architecture the city is famous for. Sharp, pointed windows reach up above heavy, glass fronted doors, which Dinah has to brace herself against to heave open, leaving room to let Beauford into the grandiose entrance hall, with its combination information and check-out desk at the other side of a wide tiled floor.

"Welcome to Gotham Public Library!" she says. "First things first: I have to pay my late fees."
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He's also blushing, because there's something to be said about geeking out too hard. When you end up having your geek-on words replace what you were going to say in the speech queue, you're geeking too hard.

...his ears, just turning so red-pink at the tips.

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That earns him a laugh. "No problem. It's always nice to see someone who's enthusiastic about books." Librarian, remember?
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"...need to buy a leash for my inner geek...." mutter, mumble, blush some more because good god embarassing.

"I just get excited, not like I get anything updated where I'm living right now."
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"Well, you're always welcome to swing by the library. I can't guarantee that we have absolutely everything, but we manage to get a few new books in the archaeology section every couple of months."
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"...ohh...that's really tempting.."

He's got that look. You know the one, you usually see it on dogs and there's bacon involved.

"We could give that a go, the next time I visit Gotham..."