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Name:Dinah Laurel Lance
Birthdate:Apr 10
Location:Star City, California, United States of America
To contact the mun, please use email or AIM. Plurk and PMs also a-okay.

--------- Information for Milliways Bar ------------

Name: Dinah Laurel Lance
Alias:The Black Canary; 'Junior' to her uncles only.
Team Affiliations: The Justice League of America

Physical Description: A unassuming young woman in her early twenties. Caucasian, black hair, blue eyes, athletic in build. Otherwise unremarkable.

Family: Father was private detective Larry Lance (ex-G.C.P.D., now deceased), mother, Dinah Lance née Drake, formerly the Black Canary. No other living blood family.

However Dinah does count as family those members of the crime fighting consortium the Justice Society of America, including Ted Grant (Wildcat), Jay Garrick (Flash), Alan Scott (Green Lantern), Carter Hall (Hawkman), Wesley Dodds (Sandman), Kent Nelson (Dr. Fate) and Ted Knight (Starman). Not to mention the occasional person in Milliways who she's adopted.

Team Affiliations: The Justice League of America.

Special abilities:a black belt in Judo from an early age, Dinah is also proficient in boxing, and a variety of other hand-to-hand combat techniques, which now include pankration, ninjitsu, shuri-te karate and northern style shaolin.

Metahuman powers Dinah is in possession of a sonic scream - she has some fine control over it, but it's most effective as a hugely powerful sonic weapon. Don't expect it to be used in bar much.

Dinah is from DC comics and is the property thereof. This is a role playing journal, and no profit is being made.
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