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Out of Milliways: Beauford Visits

Gotham Public Library is a sterling example of the art deco style architecture the city is famous for. Sharp, pointed windows reach up above heavy, glass fronted doors, which Dinah has to brace herself against to heave open, leaving room to let Beauford into the grandiose entrance hall, with its combination information and check-out desk at the other side of a wide tiled floor.

"Welcome to Gotham Public Library!" she says. "First things first: I have to pay my late fees."
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And someone'd better believe that Beauford is truly appreciating the architecture of this warehouse of written words and wit. He's looking up and around with all of the naked delight of geek in a science and surplus store.

"...you have late fees?"

Oh man, marble TILES. This place is AWESOME.
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"...pfft...so it's just late fees...not...item destroyed fees?"

She fights people who regularly blow things up and destroy property, the odds of her losing a book to a supervillan are pretty good.

He's probably the only one who would know to look for it...but his eyes are on the front desk they're heading too right now.
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"I didn't say you were ...just that accidents and unpleasant company happen to books in your line of work." He's still just giving her a light teasing. "...I think I might happily get lost in this place."
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A girl who looks to be about sixteen (or, possibly younger, it's hard to say given how short she is) stands behind the desk. "Can I help you?" she asks, managing a smile despite the fact that she's clearly had a long day.
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Beauford smiles as well, he knows all too well how hard desk duty can get.

"I'm with her, but I'm also looking for the archaeology section? Preferably the stone to bronze age."
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The card is scanned with a boop, and the redhead whistles. "You weren't kidding." She leans forward. "You've had two of these out for a year..."

"And archaeology is in the non-fiction wing," she points, "on the second floor. If you want stone to bronze age, then you want to go down the hallway, third set of stacks, fifth and sixth aisles..." She paused, then grinned. "That's a bit complicated. You want me to actually show you?"
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"Yes, please, if it's not too much trouble for you miss." ...he's not bothering to hide the glee. At least it's a familiar kind? The one where the engineers squee over getting to play with the stone knives and bearskins.
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"Tell you the truth, I could use an excuse to get out from behind the desk for a bit." She grins, takes Dinah's money, types at the keyboard for a moment, and hands back a couple of coins. Then she flips up a little sign on the desk that says 'the librarian will be back in five minutes'.

"Well, shall we?"
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Well, this subject should be relatively safe, Beauford's not interested in magical of legendary artifacts.

"What do you have from any recent dig sites for the Clovis era? Oh, and is there any word on the Kettle Moraine dig sites?" ...mostly the stone-age TRASH burial sites. The ones more concerned with learning more about the day-to-day life of people in such times.

It's hard to keep the inner gleeing nerd on a short leash.
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There's a hum as the red-head leads the way toward the stairs. "I think we've gotten a couple of new works covering the area. I haven't read them yet, but hopefully one of them will be what you're looking for."
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...it's possible she has never seen him so absolutely animated and excited before. Save for the parkour runs in Seattle, perhaps?

Not that being so absolutely thrilled with the chance to access GOTHAM LIBRARY for the most recent articles on archaeology isn't a wonderful thing, but he is probably not the only one catching that glare at the scenery.


...oh he said that aloud didn't he.
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The librarian hesitates and turns to look over her shoulder. "What was that?"
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He's also blushing, because there's something to be said about geeking out too hard. When you end up having your geek-on words replace what you were going to say in the speech queue, you're geeking too hard.

...his ears, just turning so red-pink at the tips.

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That earns him a laugh. "No problem. It's always nice to see someone who's enthusiastic about books." Librarian, remember?
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"...need to buy a leash for my inner geek...." mutter, mumble, blush some more because good god embarassing.

"I just get excited, not like I get anything updated where I'm living right now."
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"Well, you're always welcome to swing by the library. I can't guarantee that we have absolutely everything, but we manage to get a few new books in the archaeology section every couple of months."
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"...ohh...that's really tempting.."

He's got that look. You know the one, you usually see it on dogs and there's bacon involved.

"We could give that a go, the next time I visit Gotham..."