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 So it maybe kind of got thrown around in the back room - the idea of AMALGAM AUs for pups.

Amalgam was a DC/Marvel Crossover event in the 1990s that created stories and characters set in one universe that was a bit like both universes. It featured such groups as:

JLX (Justice League X - made up of mutants)

And had such characters as Super-Soldier; (Cap x Superman); Dark Claw(Wolvie x Batman); Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD; and Wonder Woman (Princess Ororo of Themiscyra)

Anyway, I don't want top suggest everyone read all the comics and play by canon (where's the fun in that) but would anyone be interested in running with these ideas? Say, taking a character that isn't currently in bar and melding it with yours, or finding a place for your pup in the amalgamated universe?

Want to play your Avenger character in the Justice League? Think your Justice character would make an awesome mutant?

Dinah Morse? Oliver Barton? Bart Maximoff?

(I might be super excited about Dick Grayson, Agent of SHIELD, ngl.)

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...or, IB tries to make sense of comic continuity

Dinah's age:
According to the 1993 Black Canary Miniseries, Dinah was 15 years old when she first donned the wig and fishnets.  In Justice League Year One (1998), Dinah's stated as being 19. However, Secret Origins #46 says Dinah was new to the crimefighting world when the JLA formed. The older Dinah is when she founds the JLA, the less time I have to fit her JLA years, Seattle and the aftermath thereof, so I'm inclined to keep the younger age and go through JLA: Year One when I judge the character ready; either by skipping years in game or by saying she's younger.

The Sensei & Student storyline in Birds of Prey says that 19-year-old Dinah spent a year in Japan studying under Sensei Otomo, but doesn't mention if it's pre-or post JLA. I'll deal with this when I get to it, playing it out when I decide Dinah needs a one-year break from the bar.

Larry Lance
Dinah's father is alive in the1993 series, and Secret Origins #50 also has him alive to find out his daughter is heroing (and discovers her meta status). However, the 2007 miniseries implies that he's dead and his death is one of the reasons Dinah Sr doesn't want her daughter fighting. The problem is  - much as I as a mun would want Larry alive to be proud of his daughter, this makes a lot of sense and simplifies the JSA/BC 1's apparent on-again-off-again status.

The fight with Aquarius and Larry's death, therefore will be one of the first 'canon events' that Dinah goes through. I should therefore really read up on my JSA post-crisis history, tortuous as it seems to be. I see no real reason why the JSA can't reform breifly for that one massive threat and re-disband (BC1 returing permanently) afterwards.

The Canary Cry
In the 1993 flashbacks, Dinah had her canary cry before she started heroing, but more for dramatic reasons (comparing it to the 'current' BC2, who in 1993 no longer had her cry) than plot reasons. It was used in training but not in the field. Secret Origins #50 had the power manifesting when Dinah's parents (both alive) first find out about her little heroic rebellion. I much prefer this to any implication that she 'always had it', as it gives the adolescent the first ever thing that's uniquely hers at a time when she rather needs it.

JLA: Year One also says Dinah was living in Star City with her Mom. I'm pretty sure this is false - her parents were both Gothamites, and Junior often references Gotham as her home. She left to live in Star City when she fell in love with Ollie (presumably after a row with Dinah sr).

First Marriage
LOLWHUT. Yeah, I have no idea when she even finds time to get to college, let alone get all married.

In Conclusion: A Time Line:
- Entry to Bar
- Aquarius / Larry's death
- Black Canary (1993) ballot fixing/murder spree. Dinah's first outing.
- TBC time of secret crimefighting.
[At this point I'd like her to meet Batman (pre-Robin)]
- Dinah Snr discovers her secret
- Manifestation of Canary Cry
- Dinah breaks a knuckle on Ted's jaw, learns new punch.
- Short time of Dinah Sr reconciling her worries.

- Sensei Otomo in Okinawa for one year.
- Secret Origins #46/ JLA Year One
- College, meeting & marrying Criag Windrow
- Others join the JLA, incl. Green Arrow
- The Cat and the Canary (JLU)
- Mayhem of the Music Meister (B:B&tB)
- Various adaptations of Silver Age shenanigans.
- Identity Crisis flashback
- Batgirl Year One
- Leaving Gotham for Star City
- Star City shenanigans including Snow Birds don't Fly
- The Crisis
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