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J'Onn picks Dinah and her bike up in Chicago as soon as Team Milliways has departed, and flies her quickly to Central City, before having to rush off into the skies again. Dinah salutes as he flies and sprints into the city as fast as she can on tired legs and three inch heels.

There she sees a red blur and chases it down, in time to see Barry stop, right in front of a rock giant he must not have seen behind him.

She doesn't break her stride.

"Ten-HUT, General Flash!"


Flash turns around to see the giant shatter and takes a step back, so that as Dinah draws near they are side to side, her sonics working in parallel with his clay-shattering vibrations, to take on the last handful of giants.

"Thanks for the save, General Canary. How's troop morale?"

She takes a breath from screaming as the last giant buckles.

"We're still rallying. Lantern's with the Blackhawks now, Can you believe all those heroes are listening to the five of us?"

She's been giving her uncles orders all day. And it's just felt natural.

"We know the most about the enemy," the scientist points out. "Still... wow. I say fly, Superman says 'How high?'"

The last giant crumbles, leaving them in relative quiet for a second.

"Listen," Dinah says, with what may be spectularly bad timing, "about earlier."

"When you kissed me."

She. Kissed him. Funny, she could have sworn there was mutual kissing there.


"Barry, I've been thinking - about you and your life, what you've told me of it. And I have to know..."

She intended to say 'I have to know how serious you and your girlfriend are. I have to know how serious you are about me. I have to know what we are to each other', but she's interrupted.

"Barrrry!" In the ruins of a building just a block away, a beautiful brunette stumbling through the brickwork, tears of desparation and fear choking her voice as she calls out. "Barry! Where are you? Oh God, oh god."

Suddenly Dinah is standing on her own, unnoticed, as the Scarlet Speedster beside her disappears and the handsome blond man from the cave appears behind the crying woman, still finishing his tie as he slows down, then scoops his fiancée up into a hug.

"Shhh. I'm right here, Sweetheart."

Dinah watches, not approaching, ready to be the only hero around if the Appellaxians make a reappearance.

They're so in love. It makes her heart leap slightly just knowing that is possible, even as her stomach plummets.

They're in love.

Whatever it was between her and Flash, it's nothing compared to what's between Barry Allen and his future wife.

"Listen," she hears him say. "I ran into Flash. He's optimistic about his war. Get the word to your newspaper and then lie low. I'll find you again. I promise."

The brunette departs to an arriving rescue helicopter, always looking ver her shoulder to her fiancé.

Only when she's gone does Barry look at Dinah, pulling his mask back over his face.

"As I was saying," she says, trying not to sound too angry at him; it's not his fault. "I have to know that I'm not going to grow up that much like my mom. I wont' turn anyone into a two-timer, Barry."

"I'm - I'm sorry if I did anything to..."

"Don't be. If anything, you opened my eyes." This isn't the real him. He's Barry Allen who puts on a costume to be a superhero. Dinah - she's Black Canary who takes off her wig to be a florist. They walk the same line, but on opposite sides.

"Still friends?" Barry asks.

"Sure. Go liberate Baltimore or something." She can bike to the next town until a teleporter or flyer can pick her up.

"Remember," Barry says lightly, already a crimson blur. "We'll always have Metropolis."

"Funny man."

Dinah sighs. No, I'm not gonna be like Mom at all, she thinks. I'm gonna be single for the rest of my life.

She's interrupted in her sulk by first the sound of wood creaking behind her, then the sound of darts shooting past her ear, as the wood giant is hit by a pair of flaming arrows.

Her rescuer even takes his hat off to bow in greeting. "Green Arrow at your service, Pretty Bird."

"And Speedy! Remember me? Of course not, there's a girl around." The boy next to him is a teenager, probably younger than Dinah was when she started out, but tall. His outfit, a red and yellow copy of Green Arrow's Robin Hood get up, covers a grinning face and bright red hair. He brightens even further when they draw closer. "You're Black Canary? Geez, G.A. You're right! She's hot!"

"HEY!" That comes in stereo from both Dinah and Green Arrow, and for a second, the silence is awkward.

But he has a charming smile.

"You know," Dinah says, as the roar of the invaders starts up again. "Sucking up to me won't get you into the J.L.A."

"Like I'd really want to join. So... you free after the invasion?"

Dinah doesn't reply. She's too busy screaming.

Mar. 5th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Unlike many of the major US cities in this universe, the Chicago of the JLA's world is remarkably similar to the Chicago of many others. Certainly, when the door from Milliways opens onto Lake Shore Drive, the cityscape ahead of the visitors might look familiar to one or two of them.

Well, except for the glass giants laying waste to the city, and the squadron of giant yellow birds in the sky.

Black Canary is already shouting out instructions over the din of the destruction.

"Keep close and watch each other's backs! Clear the city and for God's sake watch out for civilians! Do not! Let their eyebeams touch you; they'll turn you into one of them!


Without taking a breath, her shouted orders turn into a scream and the diamond giant bearing on them from the left shatters into huge clear chunks that shower to the ground.



Feb. 28th, 2011 10:54 am
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The flight back to Rhode Island is long and silent - Dinah, for one dwelling on all those men who just dropped dead the second J'Onn touched them with his mind. they won, but it doesn't feel like a victory, and then - then there's J'Onn.

Back in the cave, it still doesn't feel like anyone's going to say anything until Aquaman speaks up.

"So what now?"

Dinah sighs. "Now, I think we ask some hard questions. J'Onn - I think I speak for everyone when I say that, though we appreciate the fact that you're on our side..." and there's a whole lot of apology that has to come oout there, on everyone's side. "...mostly, we still feel betrayed."

Jan. 25th, 2011 06:02 pm
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To say that things have been awkward in the Justice League since that thing they never talk about, would be a pretty severe understatement. Dinah is by now convinced that even Aquaman must have noticed how much she's very studiously avoiding any sort of eye contact with Green L- with Hal, and as for Flash and J'Onn - well. There's a reason she's been playing and replaying Foreigner in her head at top mental volume all day.

I'm hot blooded, check it and see. I've got a fever of 103.

She's becoming more and more sure that this song is going to be ruined forever for her and that she'll never be able to train in Ted's gym again for the risk it'll come on the radio.  But better this than suffer the mental images that turn up everytime she looks at a certain team member.

Oh god, for a mission right now.

Her prayers are answered when Snapper comes running into the meeting room.

"Guys, guys! Someone's in here!"

Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:05 pm
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When it comes down to it, Dinah really really enjoys working with the League. Whether she's being frozen in an icicle or rendered temporarily invisible, and even though she doesn't know the names or historys of any of her friends, she loves every second of feeling like a member of a team. It might be awkward in HQ since finding ouut about J'Onn, but on the field, she feels like she has a whole new family.

In the field, of course, it's easy to forget about the mistrust and awkward silences in headquarters, because in the field it's just them and the villain of the moment. In this case, a maniac calling himself Xotar the Weapons Master, apparently a time traveller. They were just fighting his giant (yellow; someone got the word out to the supervillains about GL) robot armour, when there was blinding flash of light and...

"We're on an alien world? What... How?"

Oct. 27th, 2010 10:48 pm
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The Gotham City Gentlemen's Club is not, we hasten to assure the sensitive reader, that kind of gentlemen's club. It is frequented by well known and respected names like Bruce Wayne and Maxwell Lord, and still in this century, not open to women. Especially not women who are inappropriately attired.

They've made an exception for the Black Canary.

The doorman, however, refuses to make an exception for J'Onn. Apparently while fishnet stockings are acceptable with biker leathers, a bare green chest is just that side of unacceptable. For a moment, Dinah worries that he'll have to wait outside.

Until he shapeshifts into a man in a tux, and is allowed to join his teammates, whose spandex costumes had been allowed through. Dinah makes a point of noticing that only the obvioously non human was stopped at the door, and she wonders if they'd do the same to Superman.

She doesn't have mcuh time to wonder, though, because Green Lantern is striding ahead and she has to keep up.

Jul. 13th, 2010 08:37 pm
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"Hey everybody, look who's here! One of those Justice Leaguers we've heard so much about!"

It's so rare these days, to get all her uncles in the same place, that Dinah's delighted by everything they have to say, even if most of what they have to say is to tease her about her new team name, press her for information about her new teammates and to pile on their hopes and dreams on to her. Her mother's right, if snide and tactless, when she says that she loves it.

It's Wesley's birthday, and everyone's at the Lances' house; Charlie, Alan, Al, Kent, both Teds.

Although. That puts a weird spin on the whole party.

Dinah's uncle Ted Knight - the old Starman - is one of her uncles she's seen the least of recently. Even less in the last few years since her Dad's death. He just... hasn't been around. And while he seems to be having a great time catching up with the guys, but with Dinah walks in on him and her mother in the kitchen...

There's an awkward moment, and he leaves the house.

"Weird," Dinah tells her mother directly. "What was that about?"

Dinah sr. hesitates, and finally tells Dinah all about her history with Ted.

Her daughter's indignant scream nearly breaks their glassware.

Jun. 9th, 2010 07:19 pm
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Dinah's heard of Killer Shark, from her Mom's tales of the Justice Society, but she's only heard of him, and can't actually bring any stories about him to mind. An old enemy of the Blackhawk team of fighter pilots, he's as old as some of her uncles and supposedly as retired. This doesn't appear to be the case.

Apparently Killer Shark and his cronies have decided to make a comeback. Sadly, he couldn't come back in a less riduiculous outfit.

To accompany his big comeback, Killer Shark has chosen to raid Kord Industries in Chicago and pick up new prototype weaponry. Fortunately for him, Kord industries doesn't have security to match the value of the prototypes within.

Unfortunatley for him, three members of the Justice League just happened to be dropping by...
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After a certain conversation Dinah thought it best if she be the first person to turn up at the Fox Hotel on Mayer Street before the men could get there, and she wasn't wrong. They have, apparently, been warned about a press conference and have a room set up, and the street outside is filling up with reporters as she arrives.

So all she can do is stand outside, waving to her new public, and promising that they'll have something to say when the others get here.

May. 28th, 2010 07:06 pm
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Even though, officially, Dinah Lance jr is the owner and sole proprietor of Dinah Lance Flowers, her mother still has a habit of turning up and giving her opinion. And in the case of the day after they encountered Locus, this opinion is once again about 'Flash and those others'.

"As a matter of fact, Mom," Dinah says after at least ten minutes of listening to her mother, "yes, we are planning to form a group. We're meeting on Monday, in fact."

"Really?" Honestly, Dinah sr didn't sound this excited when Dinah brought home her first boyfriend. Although as she never met Tommy, that was Craig Windrow. "You are? A new Justice Society?"

"We haven't talked about it."

"Oh, but you should. Where are you going to meet?"

"The Fox Hotel, actually."

Both Dinahs know it well. It's the place where the JSA first met. Dinah sr beams and instantly picks up the shop's phone.

"Mom? What are you doing?"

Dinah sr waves her panicking daughter away. "Hello, is that the Gotham Gazette?"

May. 22nd, 2010 09:19 am
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Quick stock check then:

1) Dinah's return to crime fighting pits her instantly against an alien invader. so much for casual return to the game.
2) Said alien invader turns bystanders, and Dinah's own foot to glass. This reverses when she shatters the alien's own glass body.
3) On hearing another alien was attacking in Florida, Dinah hightailed it on her bike so fast she's gt serious wind burn.

And then, then, she walks right into a trap set by the alien's pal; and now she's stuck in the middle of an everglade with a body that appears to be made of wood.

Still, at least she's not alone; there are four other costumed heroes who walked right into the same trap which makes her feel less like an idiot.

She's also relieved that it's the new Flash who says what she was trying not to say herself:

"I feel like such a sap."

Mar. 22nd, 2010 08:37 pm
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It's not until they're driving back through Gotham that Dinah realises how much she's missed being out on the street fighting the good fight. She's glad to see her Mom, of course, but no one's surprised when one of the first things she does is to grab her wig and fishnets and head out to see if her new skills have made her a better crimefighter.

It's just bad luck that her first citizen-in-distress isn't a run of the mill mugging, but a woman facing what appears to be a glass statue – except unlike most statues, this one is fully mobile and particularly malicious. As Dinah races to the scene, the creature fires what looks like a strange ray out of its eyes and turns the woman into living glass just like itself – a fate decidedly more eerie by the fact that the woman stops screaming and becomes placid the second it happens. It's also a fate Dinah narrowly avoids when it turns its gaze on her and the Black Canary has to dive out of the way – into a wide road populated by many glass zombies.

The numbness in her foot starts before she's even landed properly, and she turns the dive into a handflip, in order to land on her foot much more lightly. A glance down at the glittering scattered sunlight confirms her fears: her foot, from the midcalf over her boots, is suddenly made of glass.

Dinah allows herself a moment's indulgence of the irony of a martial artist with a glass foot, that makes her smirk, and another second's amusement of the bad luck this creature had by coming up against her.

Just as it gears up for another attack, she winks, and lets go with a scream.


It's precision, not force she's going for; aiming tightly at the creature so as to avoid bystanders and her own foot, and guessing then experimenting for the frequency that will shatter it into shards.

It doesn't occur to her that this might be a sentient being she's killing. It was a threat that had to be neutralised.

The glass tinkles on to the road, and Dinah can feel the blood returning to her foot. She's just returning her weight to it when a voice behind her clarifies that the people had also been returned to normal. It's a policeman, offering his thanks with that wary gratitude Gotham's finest have about the caped community – even the Black Canary, who's decidedly more sunny than their more famous protector.

“How'd you stop him?”

“He had a glass jaw.”

(When you're set up like that, you have to take it)

The conversation doesn't stay too light, though, as he informs her that reports had been coming in of more of these creatures attacking other parts of the country, and as soon as Dinah gets the nearest location, she's on her bike.
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