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Beauford Tannen has clothes in a suitcase. He has two suitcases with him of clothes and fancy cooking gear.

And this time, people are prepared for him and the suitcases because he is visiting!

Also, he's not hiding the naked glee at getting out of the Bar for a while. It's damned weird not to have someone in a cape flying overhead to work.
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"Easier on the wallet to stay with friends when I visit."

Beauford opens one of the suitcases and takes out a paper-wrapped dish.

This dish will be used in the kitchen later. A special casserole will be baked in this dish.

"How badly off are the stores at work?"
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"I seem to recall someone devouring all of the ice cream sandwiches right away..."

He is here to cook. When someone cooks it's to prepare a lot of food for them to eat.

Beauford hopes to cook enough to keep The Flash fed for at least two weeks. He's unwrapping a second ceramic dish with it's lid and carrying it over.

"So much, much more of what I was making last time?"
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"Did you guys save and wash the empties from the meals?"

It'd be easier on the environment and save some cash. He will be buying everything for this in cash, because it is harder to trace the little bills and coins.

"Oh! What do you feel like having tonight?"
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"Excellent!" Beauford laughs, leaning in to look at all of the spices still left inside.

Spices are going to be the herbs and seeds that will make the food taste good! He needs to know how much is left of each spice in the cupboards before he makes the list.

"Mhmm....so tempting to just go at cooking right now."
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"Mhmm..I think we could get some fresh salmon from Bar, one question....do you have a grill?" Beauford teases gently.

Tweaking a friend's ear and occaisionally their stomach is great fun.

"Because I did pack some seasoned cedar planks..."
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"Broil setting, that will have to do."

He's pretty certain that there were some red potatoes or dried pasta here. He knows there should be some other food staples left in the bottom cupboards.

"Well, I know that we'll need some veggies to go with this. Zucchini and yellow squash I think."
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"If they're in season...are you talking about the baked tomato slices or that bisque?"

One's cheesy and the other is creamy. They both have dairy products in them.
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"...pick up some fresh tomatoes, some goat cheese and a baguette and I'll show you something new."

Beauford enjoys this far too much. It is something that brings him happiness and pleasure, teasing with food.
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"I'm the cook my dear friend." Beauford replies smugly.

He is very confident and pleased with what he can do.

"Tomorrow we can do more shopping in Gotham and check out the library."
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"Do they actually redirect water from rooftops or do they just hang off of buildings looking pretty?"
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"Julie still gets those confused!" Just a bit of an excuse. "It doesn't hurt to check, what style gargoyles? Remade Gothic? Art Nouveau?"

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"Get the fixings for dinner and then I'll start cooking." He's already whisking up a sauce for the salmon from the fridge.

The sooner she gets that fish and the veggies, the sooner they can eat.

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