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"Sure, since you're offering so nicely."

The empty glasses go into the sink with a quick rinse before Beauford heads to his stuff to grab pj's and toiletries for showering up before bed.
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By the time he's done with all of the nightly abulations...he's sniffing quietly at the scent of chocolate in the apartment and staying still to wait and listen to the sounds of the apartment and it's people.

There's the scent of chocolate from the master bedroom if faint...but there's the sort of tense stillness from Dinah's room.

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"...yeah, I bet." He says softly. "I'm pretty much okay?"
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The Lance women are not the type to talk verbally.

Beauford nods, accepting that much at face value, and it's likely entirely true as well.

"Alright, I'll set myself up on the couch, already took my sleeping pill for the night."