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He's perking his head up at that noise as well, looking faintly perplexed.

Who the bloody heck flies planes this close? Without raising a panic?
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"Hey, Dinah, I've got the menus worked up and the grocery list started.."

Beauford calls to the door from his spot at the kitchen counter.
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"On the menu yes..." He glances back towards Dinah Jnr's bedroom and starts for it and the door there. "There's some stuff leftover in the freezers in Milli-"

...His brain just caught up with that generous heart and mouth.
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...please oh please oh PLEASE, Jnr, take a look at how absolutely calm your mother is, Beauford prays silently before looking between the two of them and making for the door. Ears turning a brilliantly embarassed fire-engine red.

When he's back a few minutes later, it's with a small stack of wrapped containers in one arm.
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"Wedged it with a chair before I ran for the freezers." He visibly relaxes and smiles, setting out the containers, still frosty from the freezer, and the little glass bottle he had tucked under one arm.

"And I ran like something had lit my tail on fire, so that probably helped."

"I brought ice cream sandwiches, sorbet and a little something extra..."
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"Oh, here Mrs. Lance, have one of the ice cream sandwiches." Beauford manages to grab one out and hand it to her before she gets past him and can argue otherwise. "Sab=ge-browned butter ice cream between earl grey shortbread cookies."

When it's just them, Beauford opens the little bottle and lets it breathe just a bit.

"Raspberry-mint infused Kentucky sipping bourbon."
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"Wait until you taste it." He's grinning as he finds the proper sipping liquor glasses and sets them onto the counter. "Admittedly, it's not the gelato, but I'm hoping this makes up for my flub just now."
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Savory-sweet buttery rich ice cream with a sweet herbal cookie.

"Uhm...yeah...she asked me about Milliways the first time I came, and asked me not to tell you she knew."

He's just waiting for that one to blow in his face, as he pours out some of the bourbon into glasses for each of them.
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"True, after that last look you shot me, I expected to get my ear chewed some." He's grimacing into a smile before taking a sip of that bourbon.

"...what happened tonight?"
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"Oh shit. That explains why he had Dr. Light's disco ball tonight."
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"...yeah, was listening to the radio. ...what else happened?"

He's just looking a little more worried now.
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"Ok, getting caught in an explosion, that's a detail they didn't provide." Beauford says over his glass of bourbon, and glances at Dinah's injured leg for a moment, mulling things over. "...think I could ask your mom to drive us around for groceries tomorrow?"

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