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She changes into civvies in the alley behind her school and catches a late bus back home, all the time grinning like a crazy thing. It isn't that she needs approval or anything, and certainly not from a new cape who isn't even J.S.A. recognised, but it's nice to have it anyway: finally someone's found out what she's doing and hasn't told her to stop. He respects her, even trusts her, and has definitely acknowledged her competence. She isn't going to mess this up. She's finally made it and the Black Canary's going to be the greatest superheroine in the world again.

She's practically humming as she silently turned her key in the front door and slipped inside. It's late - it always is - but her mother would be...


Dinah sr is standing in the living room, hands clenched in fury and behind her sits Ted, guilt and worry all over his face.

Oh crap.

Dinah's eyes slip to the side table by Ted, where the ledger she stole from his office sits like Courtroom Exhibit A.

Ted himself looks awkward, as if he's regretting what's just about to happen. "If you need to know something, Junior, you ask me." He's able to say this because Dinah's mother is almost speechless, shaking with fury. She marches across the room towards her, and grabs the strap of her sports bag.

"Mom..." Dinah tries to feign innocent indignation, but she's never been good at lying, and Dinah sr has already ripped the bag open, spilling the wig onto the ground.

"I can't believe it!" her Mom screams. "You disobey me, use an old friend against me..."

"He's my friend, too!" Dinah's temper rises in the face of parental anger. "And he's only helping me like Grandad did you!"

"I told you the rules were different then!"

"The rules are the same!" And even if they weren't, Dinah's got the bug now, she won't stop. She can't. "Uncle Ted told me about..." He's sitting right there, but Dinah has too much momentum to stop herself now. "...about Jake. It's always been dangerous!"

"You betrayed my trust!"

"Trust? You never trusted me to do anything!"

(Uncle Ted, Dinah notices, stood up when his name was mentioned, trying to act as mediator. "Stop it! Would you two...")

It's so unfair. Her Mom's always tried to holdher back, to stop her from doing the only possible thing she can do, from...

SO UNFAIR. She's never been this angry before. Never had the need to scream, even when her Dad died. It's like a storm inside her.

"You can take your trust and go. To


Which is an appropriate word for what happens next.

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