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The defeat and arrest (and gagging) of William Kamala does not stop the music playing in Dinah's heart. But it does make her think that maybe she'll have it under control soonish. Maybe.

All she knows is, that when Ollie touches her on her arm. When he smiles and starts singing, it makes her happy, and her toes curl in her boots.

She is the one who suggests Batman as the seventh member of the Justice League. Green Arrow seconds that nomination.
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The company that originally owned the satellite, from which the Music Meister stole control, is located in North Gotham, whic h explinas why he picked Blackgate as his source of goons. Bruce and Dinah head straight there in his Batmobile

After working out the plan, there is no conversation. For Bruce, she imagines he just isn't talkative. For Dinah - 

  - the music is still playing in her head, and she doesn't want to start singing him a love song.

 And it's nervewracking, in a way. She's more nervous than she ever is before a fight. It's not that the hypnotized victims she has to fight include Ollie and Arthur. It's not just the fact that thinking of the man next to her is making her heart thump and her palms sweat. It's that she has to loose.

She has to let Arthur get hold of him, his arms that could crush bones holding her in place as Ollie takes out her ear plugs.
She has to let her mind slip away, and lose that fight against the music, to lose all self control.

Because that's the only way she can realistically fight against Batman. That's the only way he could join in the song.

And it's the only way they could turn the music back on him. By taking control of the song, and pushing it so he can force Dinah to sing higher.  And higher, and to finally loose her cry into the satellite, to destroy the mics and the broadcast equipment and remove every piece of control the Music Meister had on the world.

Dinah surrenders her mind so someone she trusts can use her voice as a weapon.
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Dinah struggles to consciousness with the pressure of chains on her ankles and wrists: she's tied upright to a steel chair. Flexing her fingers, she finds the gauntlet covered hands of Bruce behind her. His own hands shift, acknowledging her presence.

She thanks any gods that may be listening that the Music Meister is the kind of hammy villain who ties up heroes and leaves them in elaborate death traps. But then, she considers, his entire MO is dramatic and over the top.

It's not just music, it's theater.

And she can still hear music in her head.

Something clicks. It's not just hypnosis, it can't be. There's magic here. And this trap he's left them in won't kill them until the end of the song.

Batman has lock picks, and grapples, and blades, and he's rapidly working on getting them out. And Dinah - Dinah can buy them some time. Exactly enough time to break free and escape the burning acid. And enough time to think.

That satellite could give him control of the world, if he uses it to broadcast his voice.

But Dinah's beginning to understand how it works. "I have a plan..."
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Arthur and Ollie failed at Blackgate. The break out proceeded unheeded, and when Dinah tries their signal devices, she gets nothing. Their ear buds must have fallen out. She double checks her before going after Batman.

She finds him. as expected, in Gotham, where he's been distracted himself from the Music Meister in dealing with the hypnotized Blackgate escapees.

On her way to find Kamala, Dinah watches him from a nearby flat roof, debating whether or not he'd need her help.

He doesn't. He never does. Even with that ridiculous costume, the armor and the impractical cape, he fights like Ted. like a real fighter, despite all the show, it's never gimmickry. One man, surrounding by crowds of hardened criminals, his flawless technique and armor helped by the fact that they''re not fighting under their own control.

She finds herself pausing just to watch the dance of his movements, perfectly in time with the music in her head.

She doesn't even notice when she starts singing. When she realises, she notices that she's still in control. She's still able to fight, and she's still herself. Until the Music Meister shows up, and joins in her song.

With a love song.

To her.

Thankful for her earplugs, Dinah's main concern isn't just the disgust of a villain desire for her, but a reaction to the huge gun in his hands. She spins towards him and screams to get it out of his hands.


It's the music! Despite the protective plugs, she can't control her voice enough to get a Canary Cry out! Dinah calls, but all she can manage is within the key of the song. In frustration, she lunges, only to be hit by an energy beam that sends shockwaves of pain through her torso.

The last thing she sees as she falls, is the fallen gauntlet of the Bat. She left him alone and he'd been defeated.

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After a Bat-rescue, Dinah and the boys head back to HQ for research into this Music Meister guy.

His name, it turns out, is William Kamala, and his base of operations so far has been New York - whose lack of a resident hero has probably been why he's escaped notice from the caped so far. A string of petty crimes with accomplices that have been quick to turn on him, but without any arrests, thanks to his ability to hypnotize and control all cops who go after him.

But he's attracted notice, now. Not just from the Justice League, but from Batman. Although he also has control of a global communications satellite, and there's no way he can permitted to have that.

Just as they're planning their next move, alarms go off at Blackgate prison - a massive prison wide break out. Arthur and Oliver, adjusting their new ear plugs, agree to go off to clear up that mess, while Dinah, citing her experience as Gotham's other cape, volunteers to find and coordinate with Batman on the Music Meister's apprehension.

At least, that's the reason Dinah gives the boys.

Really, she's just hoping to work with Batman.

This has nothing to do with the ringing in her ears.
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Why, of all the people, Gorilla Grodd, Black Mantra and the Clock King had decided to team up, Dinah cannot begin to imagine. She expects it will come out eventually – these things tend to play out that way – but right now the most important thing is to stop them.

It's the launch of a new communications satellite – a single unit to do the work of a global network – she's not quite sure of the science, but she and her friends are sure that it is to be kept away from villainous control at all costs. So the interest of these three ne'er-do-wells immediately prompts Justice League intervention.

Hal and J'Onn are both off planet. Barry is tied up with Captain Cold, and that leaves Dinah and Arthur to see to this.

Sorry, Dinah, Arthur, and the new kid.
Oliver Queen. Green Arrow.

Dinah's still not entirely sure how she feels about Oliver. She is sure how he feels about her – because he won't shut up about it. He's even started calling her Pretty Bird (Pretty Bird, really?) and not a single meeting goes by in which he's not making some sort of comment about looking out for her, or her legs, or he's just looking. No wonder he and Hal get on so well.

On the other hand - he's cute. And a charming chauvinistic pig. And she is well aware that she spends as much time looking at his butt/chest/arms as he does looking at her. Especially his arms. Damn.

Going on a mission is a relief, really, from the awkward atmosphere at HQ, even without Hal smirking at them.

This was supposed to be a usual mission. Stop the bad guys, come home. Three on three, easy.

Then something goes horribly wrong. A new player - one Dinah doesn't recognise. With some sort of hypnotic power. It's hard to tell, because one second she's hearing music that she shouldn't be able to hear, the next she's fighting Batman. 

Much as it hurts her pride that the JLA needs to be bailed out by an outsider, she's never been happier to see him.
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