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Dinah went to Japan with the intention of learning everything she could about Shuri-te, and the expectation of a lot of hard work and dedication. She hadn't expected to feel so much at home, or to develop such a strong sense of love for her sensei. He's not just amazing teacher, but a good, kind and gentle man who from the beginning, never had anything but praise for Dinah's dedication and her willingness to learn, to say nothing of her talent. A bond has formed between them that Dinah had never prepared for.

Except that for the past few weeks, Dinah's begun to feel that she's plateauing – she's not improving as fast as she was, and worries if she's learning anything at all. The other students, when she mentions it, scold her for her own lack of awareness.

“He's pulled every punch he's thrown at you for months.”

“He can't bear to hurt you.”

“You don't fight in the dojo. You dance.”

“He's taught you every lesson love will let him.”

“You need an opponent who will push you.”

“He needs students, not a daughter.”

The conversation, when it finally happens, is short, sweet, and painful. Sensei Otomo agrees; in one short year he's taught her everything he can, and their time together should come to an end for the benefit of them both, so Dinah can continue with her calling.

She walks to the Shinkinsen station alone, and has tears in her eyes when she arrives at Tokyo airport. It's not until Ted meets her at Arrivals that she smiles, throwing her arms around her uncle's neck.

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Going to Japan was an impulsive, hurriedly made plan. It involves moving to another country - a whole other continent with a whole other language. And Dinah's already done stupid things while living away from home in a campus in the same city. It involves leaving a crime ridden Gotham city with only one active protector (two if you include Robin). It's something Dinah planned and decided on herself without any pushing from grownups.

Dinah Snr, of course, disapproves heartily and vociferously.

Alan offers to give Dinah Jnr a ride straight to Okinawa. she turns him down.

Ted (Grant) drives Junior to Gotham airport himself, leaving Dinah sr behind, apparently thinking that if she doesn't say goodbye to her daughter, her daughter will forfeit her flight. Ted drops her off at the door to the checkin, and helps her unload her bags.

"You sure you don't want seeing off, Junior?"

"Thanks, Uncle Ted, but I think I can show a passport and a ticket myself. Don't waste the parking money."

"Alright, your call."

He kisses her on the cheek and hands her a small bag she didn't pack. "This doesn't put you over your allowance, right? Just remember to say you packed it yourself."

Returning the kiss, she eyes him. "If you get me into trouble, Uncle Ted, I'm telling on you."

"Anything you say."

The flight lasts for long enough that she regrets asking Alan for help, and negotiating the Bullet train with nothing but a Japanese phrase book is a bigger challenge than taking on all the gangs in Gotham.

But when she reaches the Dojo, finds her pallet and finally unpacks the bags, it's all worth it. Under the boots and the leather jacket, nesting in a pile of blonde hair, is a note:

Just in case.

- I'm proud of you.


(P.S. Ted made me do this. But I'm still proud of you.)
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