raptorcanaria: ([young blonde] asskick)
Dinah Laurel Lance ([personal profile] raptorcanaria) wrote2012-03-03 05:05 pm

Is the singing really necessary?


Dinah struggles to consciousness with the pressure of chains on her ankles and wrists: she's tied upright to a steel chair. Flexing her fingers, she finds the gauntlet covered hands of Bruce behind her. His own hands shift, acknowledging her presence.

She thanks any gods that may be listening that the Music Meister is the kind of hammy villain who ties up heroes and leaves them in elaborate death traps. But then, she considers, his entire MO is dramatic and over the top.

It's not just music, it's theater.

And she can still hear music in her head.

Something clicks. It's not just hypnosis, it can't be. There's magic here. And this trap he's left them in won't kill them until the end of the song.

Batman has lock picks, and grapples, and blades, and he's rapidly working on getting them out. And Dinah - Dinah can buy them some time. Exactly enough time to break free and escape the burning acid. And enough time to think.

That satellite could give him control of the world, if he uses it to broadcast his voice.

But Dinah's beginning to understand how it works. "I have a plan..."

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