Mar. 3rd, 2012

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Dinah struggles to consciousness with the pressure of chains on her ankles and wrists: she's tied upright to a steel chair. Flexing her fingers, she finds the gauntlet covered hands of Bruce behind her. His own hands shift, acknowledging her presence.

She thanks any gods that may be listening that the Music Meister is the kind of hammy villain who ties up heroes and leaves them in elaborate death traps. But then, she considers, his entire MO is dramatic and over the top.

It's not just music, it's theater.

And she can still hear music in her head.

Something clicks. It's not just hypnosis, it can't be. There's magic here. And this trap he's left them in won't kill them until the end of the song.

Batman has lock picks, and grapples, and blades, and he's rapidly working on getting them out. And Dinah - Dinah can buy them some time. Exactly enough time to break free and escape the burning acid. And enough time to think.

That satellite could give him control of the world, if he uses it to broadcast his voice.

But Dinah's beginning to understand how it works. "I have a plan..."
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The company that originally owned the satellite, from which the Music Meister stole control, is located in North Gotham, whic h explinas why he picked Blackgate as his source of goons. Bruce and Dinah head straight there in his Batmobile

After working out the plan, there is no conversation. For Bruce, she imagines he just isn't talkative. For Dinah - 

  - the music is still playing in her head, and she doesn't want to start singing him a love song.

 And it's nervewracking, in a way. She's more nervous than she ever is before a fight. It's not that the hypnotized victims she has to fight include Ollie and Arthur. It's not just the fact that thinking of the man next to her is making her heart thump and her palms sweat. It's that she has to loose.

She has to let Arthur get hold of him, his arms that could crush bones holding her in place as Ollie takes out her ear plugs.
She has to let her mind slip away, and lose that fight against the music, to lose all self control.

Because that's the only way she can realistically fight against Batman. That's the only way he could join in the song.

And it's the only way they could turn the music back on him. By taking control of the song, and pushing it so he can force Dinah to sing higher.  And higher, and to finally loose her cry into the satellite, to destroy the mics and the broadcast equipment and remove every piece of control the Music Meister had on the world.

Dinah surrenders her mind so someone she trusts can use her voice as a weapon.


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The defeat and arrest (and gagging) of William Kamala does not stop the music playing in Dinah's heart. But it does make her think that maybe she'll have it under control soonish. Maybe.

All she knows is, that when Ollie touches her on her arm. When he smiles and starts singing, it makes her happy, and her toes curl in her boots.

She is the one who suggests Batman as the seventh member of the Justice League. Green Arrow seconds that nomination.
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