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Dinah Laurel Lance ([personal profile] raptorcanaria) wrote2014-02-07 08:28 pm

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At midnight, he tries to seduce her. It's clumsy and cloying, and she's hit more by embarrassment than any other uncomfortableness. When she makes it clear that she'll hurt him if he tries anything, he turns on her. Calls her any number of names, brings up the fishnets, accuses her of being after Oliver's money, even though he's lost that. He adds physical blows to the verbal ones, and she counters every single one.

At 1am, he's crying in her arms again, begging her to forgive him.

At 2am, Dinah is sitting outside the bathroom door, listening to him lose the lining of his already empty stomach.

At 3am, he tries to leave again, and fights back when she pins him to the floor. Eventually she's forced to choke him out until he passes out. At least then he gets something almost like sleep.

4am goes past and neither of them really notice.

At 5am, they're fighting again, and this time she lets him hit her. Hard, on the cheekbone, and it swells quickly into a bruise. More tears follow, and she thought they were both out.

By 6am they are both in Dinah's bed, finally sleeping in a bedroom he begged her to lock. The key is in the pocket of her pajama pants, and she's spooning him, her hand tangled in his red hair. They're both beyond caring if that's appropriate.

At 8am, Dinah wakes up in her bed, alone, the key gone from her pocket. But the apartment is filling with the smell of coffee and bacon, and she finds Roy, still looking like death, frying up something she can only assume he went down to the bodego on the corner to obtain.

"I woke up starving," he explains.

She shakes her head, and thinks that she's probably just met the bravest person she ever will.