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Dinah Laurel Lance ([personal profile] raptorcanaria) wrote2013-05-24 09:28 pm

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 The plan was simple: Barry packed the boxes quickly, Clark and Diana carried them out to the truck, and when they were out of the city, Hal picked up everyone who couldn't fly, Clark picked up the truck, and they covered the three thousand miles to Star City in a matter of minutes.
And then, just as they were pulling up outside Dinah's new apartment building, just two doors away from Pretty Bird Florist, Clark said he heard something, and Hal jumped on it.
Alien invasion in Metropolis. Apparently requiring the attention of all the Justice League. Even Green Arrow, who hopped onto a construct from Green Lantern, leaving Dinah with a truck full of boxes and no one to carry them.
There's really only one way to deal with this.
She opens her door straight into Milliways and announces: 
"Everyone here is now helping me move! Get out here."

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